Nuts for coconuts!

At Raw Beauty Box, we’re nuts about coconut oil. Not only is it a great eco-alternative to palm oil (eww), but the benefits of coconut oil in skin care are amazing!


Today we are going to share with you why we use coconut oil in our whipped body soaps, salt and sugar scrubs, and soak bath bombs. We believe in using sustainable and natural ingredients in all of our products and want you to love them just as much as we do!


The everyday benefits of coconut oil


When it comes to the benefits of coconut oil to the skin, it’s a no-brainer! For starters, it’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal, making it a great choice for those with acne-prone or oily skin. It’s also a great moisturiser, helping to keep your skin soft and hydrated (without all the added chemicals found in store-bought lotions).


Coconut oil is a great exfoliant. You can mix it with sugar or salt to make a natural scrub that removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.


And makes a great choice for those looking for a palm oil alternative. Not only is it a more sustainable option, but it’s also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. So, not only are you taking care of your skin, but you’re also taking care of the planet and animals.


Coconut oil is a real hair-raiser when it comes to hair care! When used as a deep conditioning treatment, it can help keep your locks looking luscious and nourished. Not only does it shine a light on your hair, but it also tames frizz and flyaways like a boss.


Did someone say “shave”? Coconut oil is a great addition to shaving cream, giving you a close and comfortable shave. So, say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to healthy, hydrated skin!


To recap, coconut oil is:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • Hydrating for the skin and hair
  • Versatile (can be mixed into scrubs and shaving cream)
  • Sustainable (cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and palm-oil alternative)
  • Toxin free (all natural baby!)

Our fave coconut oil products


Your skin will be in a state of pure bliss with our favourite coconut oil infused items. Soak up the benefits with our bath bombs, lather up with our whipped soap, and treat yourself to a scrub-a-dub with our salt and sugar scrubs.


For moisturising the skin:


For cleansing the skin:


For exfoliating the skin:


For gifting:


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No-go for palm oil

When it comes to palm oil, let’s just say it’s not our cup of tea. The production of palm oil is a major contributor to deforestation and habitat loss, putting a number of species, including orangutans, at risk. And it’s not just the environment that suffers – many palm oil plantations use pesticides and fertilisers that can lead to pollution and harm the health of local communities.


On top of that, palm oil is often found in skincare products, and it’s not the best choice for your skin. It can clog pores and cause irritation, and it’s not as nourishing as other natural oils like coconut oil.


 So, why settle for something that’s bad for the planet and your skin when there are so many better options out there? Our advice? Steer clear of palm oil and opt for eco-friendly, skin-loving ingredients instead.

Where beauty meets sustainability

Here at Raw Beauty Box, we’re all about keeping it green – both for your skin and the planet! We believe that using sustainable ingredients like coconut oil is a beautiful thing. Not only does it help reduce deforestation and habitat loss caused by palm oil cultivation, but it also gives a helping hand to our environment by reducing pollution from pesticides and fertilisers.


Plus, using coconut oil supports sustainable and ethical farming practices, and gives mother nature a hand by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Who knew being beautiful and eco-friendly could go hand in hand?


We’re wild about orangutans here at Raw Beauty Box! That’s why we’re proud to partner with the Orangutan Project and use our platform to give back to these amazing creatures. By donating a portion of our sales, we’re helping to support the protection of orangutans and their habitats.


It’s all about making a positive impact, one product at a time. Not only are our customers looking gorgeous on the outside, but they’re also doing good on the inside by supporting a cause that’s close to our hearts.


We are super proud that our Australian made skincare is packed with nourishing goodies.


Treat yourself with eco-friendly skincare


So there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about why we’re wild about coconut oil and natural ingredients at Raw Beauty Box.


From nourishing your skin to protecting the planet, using coconut oil in our products just makes sense. We believe that what you put on your skin should be good for you and the environment, and we’re committed to making that a reality.


So go ahead, treat yourself to some self-care with our eco-friendly, skin-loving products – your skin (and the planet) will thank you!


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