How to use a bubble bath bomb for a blissful dose of me-time


Bubble bath bombs are fun and ultra-luxe

A bubble bath bomb is the ultimate relaxation treat for your tub time. Why? Because just about everyone loves the magic of bubbles – coupled with soaking in a hot tub of nourishing butters and you’ve got yourself the ultimate recipe for blissful relaxation.

But what are the best bubble bath bombs, and how do you use them to create the most indulgent bubble bath possible? Well, grab your rubber ducky and light those scented candles because we are going to tell you how to choose – and use – the perfect bubble bath bomb for seasoned bath bomb connoisseurs and newbies alike!

Not all bubble bath bombs are created equal

If you’re going to soak yourself in a concoction of ingredients, it’s best to make sure they’re doing good for your body. When you choose your bath bomb, it’s worth taking a moment to check out the ingredients. Though some bombs offer vibrant, fun colours, they are often created with harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good.

Opt for skin-loving alternatives made with rich butters and gentle ingredients that moisturise your skin and leave it feeling soft and healthy.

You’ve probably seen some beautiful options endowed with some extra bling like dried flower buds, Epsom and Himalayan salts. The choices out there are endless!

Don’t settle for any old bath bomb; choose wisely!

When choosing a bubble bath bomb, think about the experience you want:

  • Colour – do you want vibrant colours (that don’t stain) or something toned down?
  • Aroma – indulge all of your senses with comforting mellow aromas or delicious candy scents!
  • Details – take your bath time experience to the next level with luxury additions like salts, flower buds and even eco-friendly glitter.
  • Soak bath or bubble bath bomb? – Some bath bombs fizz away to create a luxurious soak. Others create a fluffy layer of creamy bubbles

Our favourite bubble bath bombs:

It might sound crazy, but if you’re going to invest in a quality bubble bath bomb, you want to make damn sure you’re going to enjoy every minute of that fizzing goodness. It’s also worth mentioning that good-quality bath bombs are created with fresh ingredients. To get the most out of your bath bomb experience, be sure to use it within six months of purchase while the ingredients are still fresh and ready for optimal performance.

How to use a bubble bath bomb to create the perfect bath

If you’ve ever used bubble bath liquid, you’ll know there’s a knack for creating the perfect layer of thick, fluffy bubble clouds. Using a bubble bath bomb is no different – if you don’t do it right, you miss out on the best bubble bath experience.

Here are our top tips to get the most out of your bubble bath bomb:

Step one: Start with a clean slate

Before you even THINK about running a bath, make sure that the tub is squeaky clean. Leftover residue on the tub’s surface can mix with the bathwater and hinder the formation of bubbles, causing them to pop quickly and frankly ruining the experience.
So give your tub a good wipe and rinse first.

Step Two: Warm water is best

The best bubble form under running warm water. If your pipes take a while to produce hot water, try running the water into a bucket until it warms up, and you can save that excess cold water for something else like watering your plants, soaking laundry and so on.
Once your water is running warm-hot, throw in that plug and grab your bubble bath bomb for the next step.

Step Three: Hold the bubble bath bomb under running water

It’s fun to watch your bath bomb bobbing and fizzing in the tub, but this isn’t going to get you the best possible layer of bubbles. Hold the bath bomb under running water, ideally where the running water hits the surface, so you’re not bouncing water all over the place.

Step Four: Turn the pressure up!

The more friction, the more bubbles! Turn your tap pressure up as much as possible to create some serious bubbles. If your tap doesn’t have high pressure, get your open hand into the water and oscillate (aka flick your hand around) like your life depends on it! Gentle hand-flicking will not help you here, so get your elbow into it and earn those bubbles.

Step Five: Set the mood

Your bath is ready, and you’re itching to get in, but there are a few final touches we suggest setting up first.
Light a few candles and switch off the lights to set the relaxation mood – no one wants artificial light glaring down on them while trying to relax.
Play some soothing music; there’s plenty of day spa playlists available free online. Take a moment to choose a playlist that will help you relax.
If you’ve got family in the house, tell them you are in ‘do not disturb’ status for the next 15-30 minutes… or don’t tell them and just disappear for half an hour. Choose whatever works in your house.

Step Six: It’s time to drift away

Your time has come. The mood is set, you’ve chosen the perfect bubble bath bomb, you’ve combined it with a tub of steaming waters, and you’re bare-skinned-ready to take a dip.

Congratulations, you have now mastered the art of the bubble bath bomb.
So immerse yourself into the tub of swirling buttery goodness and fluffy bubbles, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and exhale negative vibes.

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