The best Valentine gift for him and her

The festive season has come and gone in a blur of champagne, fine cheese, and presents. Now it’s time for us to turn our attention to the next gift-giving holiday: Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as the day of looooove.


But first, confession time.


Hands up if you’ve been feeling a bit gifted-out after the rush of Christmas. 


If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, never fear; it’s more common than you think.


That’s why we thought we’d create the ultimate gift guide to cover the best Valentine gift for him, and her – all so you can get an idea for Valentine gift options this year.


Because we’re nice like that.

What is Valentine’s Day, and when did it start?

But first let’s take things back to basics for a second, because the sad fact is there are some Valentine’s Day sceptics out there, who decry the day for its commercialism.


The celebration has a long history, tracing back to the 4th Century.


Brace yourself, folks, for this is a wild tale.


The day’s namesake, Saint Valentine, was a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century. The guy did his thing in a time of religious upheaval – when many Romans converted to Christianity and left behind the old ways.


Saint Valentine went against Emperor Claudius II, who was a pagan. He was jailed but when he was awaiting execution, he’s said to have cured his jailer’s blind daughter. Before his execution he reportedly signed a letter to the girl with the words, “from your Valentine” … (sound familiar?). 


The priest was executed on 14 February, in the year 270. Fast-forward 200 years and the date of his execution was proclaimed St Valentine’s Day, and formally established as a feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.


In the High Middle Ages, Valentine was first linked to romantic love by English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, also known as the “father of English literature”. This period also coincided with the birth of the notion of “courtly love.”


Skipping forward again – this time a fair few years to 1985 – the Valentine’s Day present properly came into being. This was all thanks to American manufacturing company, Hallmark, when they launched their Valentine’s Day Store.


So, there you have a brief history of Valentine’s Day, which we firmly believe is not just a marketing technique as the ardent cynics would so proclaim.


Best Valentine’s gift for him

So now we’ve covered the fun history it’s time for us to get into how to buy a great present for Valentine’s Day, and first up is a list of gift ideas for the special guy in your life.



If you’re in need of some more inspiration, please check out our previous blog post covering more “romantic gifts for him”.

Best Valentine’s gift for her

But wait, this present guide is not yet done! We can’t forget the ladies of course. 


Below you will find a list of ideas for Valentine’s gifts for her.



Please note the experience-based options we’ve listed above are based in NSW.  But with that said if you’re reading from another state, you should easily find equivalents.


The secret to buying a great Valentine's Day present

In our opinion, the best Valentine’s gifts involve something you can do together, an experience if you will, which is why you may have noticed the lists above were very experience-heavy.


We also think experiences are a great alternative this year, as you keep them with you forever.

If you want more options, you could also look at:


  • Bespoke whisky and/or gin blending classes
  • A luxe picnic date
  • A winery tour
  • A day at an amusement park
  • Dinner at a renowned restaurant
  • Star-gazing tours
  • A night/weekend at an Airbnb

An experience-based gift combined with a small physical present will have your partner singing your praises over the months to come.

So, what would this involve in practice?


You could look at booking a nice restaurant and follow your romantic dinner out with a pamper-pack at home. Alternatively, secure an Airbnb for a wilderness-filled weekend away, while also gifting a nice aromatherapy candle to your significant other to enhance the all-important ambience. 


Or, one more example while we are on a roll,  do a cheese-making class together. Learn how to make the favourites you love (hopefully with bottomless bubbles too). Then, come home and follow up the day’s learnings with a relaxing bath, and bath bomb, all to help your significant other really unwind.


Our main tip is to take note of what your significant other enjoys, or has hinted at, and try to find a cute experience to match.


If you’re after a budget-friendly pamper pack to compliment your experience gift that also has oodles of romance, check out Raw Beauty Box’s “Seductive Bitter Orange and Honey Perfume Pack”. It will help you recreate a spa experience at home!


We hope this has helped with your Valentine’s planning. Happy gift-giving lovers!


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