Beauty supplies for the New Year

Okay, so before we start, we promise in this blog post we will not utter the phrase – “new year, new you” – that is our vow to you, our beloved readers. 


But with that said, there is no doubt January is looming, and the festive season can, and will, wreak havoc on our bodies (sorry for the dramatic news flash).


From the parties to the late-night fireworks, endless food and wine, and last-minute catch-ups… ‘tis the season for decadence. And the tale of said decadence, sadly, can play out on our skin.


We thought we’d get ahead of things and compile a list of essential beauty supplies you should invest in for the New Year to:


    a) help offset the naughty times; and

    b) establish a good self-care routine for 2023.


Why New Year is the perfect time for self-care?

Did you know it takes 21 days to form a new habit?


We’ll circle back to that.


A lot of focus in the New Year is put on making resolutions and we hate it. We think by doing so you’re missing an opportunity because resolutions only paint half the picture.


How? You ask.


By focusing on a resolution, you’re overshadowing another equally important habit – the routine and new year ritual. This ultimately promotes our all-time favourite thing: self-care.


Let us explain.


When you focus on a resolution you are choosing to focus on the end goal – not the journey that gets you there. Often the journey, or ritual, has untold benefits for mental health.


Let’s take, for example, the resolution of losing weight. The resolution focuses on the shedding of kilos, but it doesn’t give any information on how to get there – for instance setting up a good fitness routine.


Every single workout you do will help produce endorphins while getting you ever closer to that end goal of dropping a few.


Establishing routines and rituals is important in the new year. Routines ground you, help provide stability, and let you indulge in some self-care – three things we happen to think are well-needed after the unpredictability of December. 


Multiple studies suggest that establishing a routine also has far-reaching benefits for mental health. These include: reduced anxiety, better sleep, healthy habits, and eliminating burnout – all are pros of forming a routine and sticking to it.


We’re all about that new year self-care.


So, with that said, how do you get started?


How to establish that all-important self-care time

In our opinion, one of the easiest ways of establishing some self-care time is adopting an outwards-in approach.


Spoiler alert: that all comes down to pampering yourself, friends. To be honest, that sounds better than some gruelling slogs at the gym, doesn’t it?!


We’re going to get real for a second and hit you with some stats. Only 75 per cent of people are successful in keeping a new year’s resolution after one week. At the two-week point, that number drops to 71 per cent. And after a month, we’re looking at a percentage of around 64 per cent.


Establishing a good skincare routine is perhaps one of the easiest, and most enjoyable, ways of achieving your beautiful glowy self in the new year. We promise you’ll stick to it (and the fitness kick can always come later).


Hopefully, we’ve convinced you why you should be taking your pamper time seriously. Now, it’s time to get into the fun stuff: what you need to make a self-care pack.

Beauty supplies you need for self-care time

With the sheer abundance of Australian beauty supplies on the market, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees and determine what you need for a balanced self-care routine.


There are a few products that are essential, so we’ve created this guide to help you shop with purpose. Please note that we’ve bolded the items we think are crucial, while the others are little luxuries that will get you excited about the routine.


Without further ado, the essential beauty supplies you need for the ultimate pamper session include:



A handy tip: If you’ve been wondering about what order to apply face skincare products, please know you’re not alone.


To apply correctly you should:


  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Apply serum (to damp skin for best results)
  4. Moisturise

And, if you’ve always wondered what a men’s beauty routine looks like, or whether men actually do need shaving cream, then have a read of this blog post here. In it, we tackle the tricky world that is shaving.

Our ultimate skincare secret

We’re going to leave you with one last tip, which is probably the most crucial.


Buying these essential beauty supplies is only part of the picture – and it shouldn’t be the focus.


You need to ensure you carve out an adequate amount of time to unwind and actually enjoy them.


Now this doesn’t have to be daily, it can even be once a week. Setting up a routine and ritual will pay off in spades, as it’s a time in the day where YOU come first.


That’s a resolution I think we can all get behind.


If you’re ready to unwind and start planning your January pamper fest check out Raw Beauty Box’s affordable range of body, bath, and grooming products.


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