Beauty box gift ideas for her

Well done! You’ve found the hidden holy grail for online gift-giving. There is absolutely no problem with getting some help to find the perfect gift for that special woman in your life. Be it a friend, family member, or someone you are keen to impress, we are here for you.


This article is going to help you pick the perfect gift for every “she” in your life. Let’s begin with the staples:


– Fresh flowers

– Beauty box or self-care gift box

– Artisan chocolate

– Perfume

– Jewellery

– Tickets to an experience


Now all of those are great ideas, but the key is personalisation. This blog is going to be dedicated to helping you work out, in even more detail, how to make a gift to remember.


We are going to provide you with ideas for every special lady in your life, so feel free to scroll around until you make it to the relevant person. Or even better, save this post to come back to when you’re desperate for a gift idea for your Great Aunt Susie. Because, trust us, it’s going to be super helpful  for finding the right gift even for her.


Gifts for your grandma

Grandma deserves a good soak in the tub to get her bones warm. This is why we actually recommend one of our divine wellness gift boxes. Think about how exhausted you get after a long day’s work, and then think about that again, and again, for 80 years. Now you understand why it’s such a good idea to give a birthday or Christmas gift to her that is focused on wellness and self-care. A good warm bubble bath with some bath dust is just what gram-gram needs.


If you are looking for the perfect pamper gift ideas (for her or anyone else) then check out this blog.


Adding some of her favourite flowers (possibly roses or begonias) is a sweet touch. Runners-up ideas include a photo of you and any of her grandkids/great-grandkids, or little knick-knacks for the kitchen (grandma just can’t get past a good ornament).


To summarise the best gift ideas for grandma:

  • Wellness gift box
  • Favourite flowers (roses are always a win)
  • A family photo
  • Knick knacks (think a Siamese cat made of fine bone china)

Meaningful mementos for your mother

It’s always so difficult finding the perfect gift for your mum, especially on a budget. It’s like, ‘thanks mum for feeding and housing me my whole life, here’s a bar of soap.’ To be honest, no gift you ever get is going to be able to come close to the love that she gave, and continually gives, to you. We recommend writing something about how much you appreciate what she has done for you and that you could never get a gift that comes close to what she has given you. And then give her a delicious Aussie-made and owned Whipped Body Soap. Maybe even make it two.


If you are really feeling generous – and we know mums love to feel fancy – then get her a deluxe pamper pack. Add to that some nice jewellery or glam clothes, maybe pop in a splash of perfume to the mix and you are in the good books for sure. She’ll also love some decor that matches her house, especially if you can personalise it. This shows that you not only took the time and effort to think in advance and get something personalised, but it also shows that you have noticed the effort that she goes to in everyday life.






Something sassy for your sister

Alright, we get it, sometimes she probably drives you crazy, but we know that deep down you truly love her, (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog looking for a gift for her). So, let’s find the best gifts for your sister!


Our favourite from this list is a ticket to an experience. It makes for great memories, means that you can do some great sibling bonding, and there are so many options to match any budget. You could give a voucher for a brunch together, or if Harry Styles has a concert, then jump on that. You could go to the zoo or a pottery-making class. The list is endless. If you can do it, then there’s a voucher out there for it. Base the experience on a shared memory and you will be the favourite sibling by far.

Every other lady in your life

Now that just leaves your friends, life partners, Great Aunt Susie, and every other she in your life. So, what can you get?


To put it bluntly, it’s super difficult to tell you what to get for everyone. Why? Because everyone is unique, we’re talking about gifts for every female on the planet. There is no blanket answer that is going to work for everyone. Ok, we sort of can tell you: there are two things.


The first thing is a miniature Bernedoodle puppy, which are the cutest things ever…


However, if you don’t want to splurge that much, then the other solid option is a Self-care Gift Box (Australian-made and owned). Self-care and wellness are so important, and literally, everyone needs to clean and look after themselves. So, you might as well take something basic and boring, and turn it into something that they will truly enjoy and cherish. Nothing says, “I love you” like “Here is the gift of wellness”.


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