Self-care Gift Box Ideas for Christmas

Halloween has come and gone, and all the shops will soon be playing Christmas carols nonstop! Do you know what that means? It means now is the time to start thinking about the perfect gift to get for that special someone in your life. Whether it is your mum, your bestie, or your cat Leslie, the one gift that they are sure to love is a self-care gift box. Sure, it might look a little bit different for the cat, but what is not to love about a bit of self-love? Especially after the past couple of years, which have been, well, difficult. Seriously, even Leslie might be looking for a good soak in the tub this year!


If you are looking for the perfect self-care Christmas gift ideas then you have come to the right place. Here at Raw Beauty Box, we have got a plethora of brilliant self-care gift packs to choose from.


Why give a self-care gift box?

Don’t get us wrong, everyone loves chocolates or cut flowers, but they are only short-lived. The best gift is one that lasts, and pamper gift packs just keep on giving. Seriously, even just the word “pamper”, doesn’t it make you feel better just thinking about pampering yourself? What a gift! (Maybe you could add some chocolates or flowers just to really take the cake). Whether you have been trying to find the right gift for months or accidentally forgot your Kris Kringle, a self-care gift pack is always a hit.


What exactly is a self-care gift box?

Self-care gift boxes are exactly as they sound, they are gift boxes for helping with self-care. But that can still leave a lot of room for interpretation. They can be anything from a candle gift box, hot drink gift box, pamper gift box, or even a craft gift box. The crucial thing with all of these gift boxes is the emphasis on looking after and treating yourself to help improve your overall mental and physical well-being.


Raw Beauty Box Gift Boxes


Our gift boxes come with a range of different products all to do with self-care, but often include our beautiful, hand-poured, soy wax candles. If you want to know just some of the benefits of our aromatherapy candles see here.


Take, for instance, our Pink Bubbles Pamper Pack. It comes with a delicious Guava and Lychee candle, as well as a luscious Marshmallow Scrub, Marshmallow Bath Bomb, AND Marshmallow Bath Dust. Can’t you just picture: lighting the beautiful candle to set the vibes just right, running a nice warm bath, scrubbing away all the stress of the day, and then just soaking in the bliss that is a Marshmallow bath.


We wouldn’t blame you if you bought a couple of these packs just to keep for yourself on a rainy day! And since we are in for a La Niña summer, there will probably be more rainy days ahead, which is all the more reason for these self-care gift packs.


If you are after some more winter warmers this year, then check out these brilliant winter warmers. Seriously, can you believe that Melbourne had suburbs with snowfall in November? What is that? It feels like maybe even Australia needs a self-care gift pack this Christmas.


DIY Self-care Gift Box Boxes


If you are thinking about gifts, and you really want to give the perfect personalised gift and truly make an impression, then you could make a self-care gift box. You could mix and match different products and fragrances to truly make the most magical and personal gift.


Maybe you and your bestie watched Game of Thrones together so you could give them the Dragons Blood Incense + Patchouli Candle and these PJs from Peter Alexander.


Or for that one person in your life who loves all things autumn, you could get them the Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle and a beautiful throw like this one from Adairs.


Or for someone who is just super into aesthetics, then hit them with the beauty that is the Raspberry Lemonade Bath Bomb Duo partnered with some dried florals from the local florist, and this gorgeous linen bath towel to make the most aesthetic bath kit you’ve ever seen.


If you let your creative juices take over, you can make the most amazing personal gifts by simply mixing and matching a couple of different products. 

DIY or not

The options are endless, and you can get super creative with building your own self-care gift boxes, just let your imagination run wild. But if your creative powers are running a little bit slow these days, (again, absolutely no judgement on the slow-running brains after the past couple of years) then just check out our premade gift boxes.


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