The difference between bath dust and bath powder

When it comes to bath time beauty, there are so many different products that we can find ourselves covered in bubbles trying to work them all out. There are bath bombs, bath powder, bath dust, bubble bath, bath fizz powder, body powder, and so many more that all sound exactly the same but definitely are not. Today, we’re throwing them all into the bath and seeing who comes out victorious and who fizzes out. (Although, fizzing is definitely a good thing when it comes to a lot of them!)


To start off with, let’s get rid of the obvious outsider here. Body powder. Bath powder and body powder are two completely different products. Completely.

What is bath powder and how is it different to body powder?

Bath powder is definitely not to be confused with body powder. Why is that? Body powder is for after a bath or shower, whereas bath powder is used, you guessed it, in the bath. They also have pretty much polar opposite effects.


Bath powder is used to help moisturise the skin while you bathe. Body powder is used after a bath to help keep moisture away from the skin, and help you stay fresh for longer. Both have great benefits and can work brilliantly together to help make a truly memorable home spa experience. But just make sure that you put the right powders in the right places, as you don’t want to be filling your bath with body powder and clogging it up.


What about bath dust and bath bombs?

If you’re not aware of the phenomenon which is bath bombs, then give this blog a read. Essentially, bath dust is a hipster, deconstructed bath bomb. It’s like the choose-your-own-adventure version of bath products. Not only is there a huge variety of different bath dust to choose from (See Here) but it also allows you to choose exactly how much you want! Unlike bath bombs which are all in or all out, you can choose just a tiny scoop of bath dust or go all out with a whole bag! (Which we wouldn’t recommend unless you’re bathing in a swimming pool). You can just keep adding bath dust and stay in the tub all night long. Besides that, you could even mix and match the different fragrances of bath dust. Although we already have amazing variety, combining them could open a whole new world of bath dusting! Maybe mixing Marshmallow and Unicorn Poop would be a hit!

Bath dust, bath fizz powder, and bath powder

Now here is why it is so confusing. Bath dust, bath powder, AND bath fizz powder are all pretty much the same thing. While they can technically be used to describe the different amounts of actual bubbles and fizz that they create, or the size of the grains used, these words are pretty commonly interchanged.

What is in bath dust?

Bath dust requires three main ingredients to work, they are: bicarbonate soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. With these three ingredients combined to the right amount, you’ll get some good fizz and soap for your bath. In the wrong amount, though, they can be very harsh. Our bath dust is also filled with coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oil, and many other goodies to make it just right. You can guarantee that our bath dust will leave your skin thanking you as it has no harsh chemicals or artificial colours and is proudly palm oil and paraben-free. If you are still asking ‘What is bath dust?’, then read our article which should answer all your questions about bath dust.


How to use bath dust

So, you’ve had a busy day: the boss was demanding or the kids were too loud. The rain set in when you didn’t want it to, and you smashed your leg on the edge of a cupboard that ‘someone’ left open. Or maybe you had a stellar day: everything went perfectly, the birds have been singing all day, you were complimented on your eyes, and you’re looking for the icing on the cake. It’s time for a bath!


To maximise this divine experience, take a few minutes beforehand to really prep everything. There is nothing worse than half-dusting this and ending up as a cold, soggy prune in a puddle.


Prep the Space

First up, make sure that the bath is clean. Soap scum and bath grime are not only ugly, but they also can have a negative effect on the bath dust making it not go as far or last as long. Take a minute to do a good wipe down so the bath is ready for action. This also makes the space much more inviting and relaxing, so while you are at it, maybe declutter the bathroom a bit. Hide all the kid’s toys that are sitting along the edge or wipe all the dust down and light some candles. Be as creative as you want with this, go all out, make a little cheese and wine board or set up a TV, maybe some plants, or a groovy playlist. Just set the mood, this is all based on your vibe!


Finish before you start

What? Before you actually hop in the bath, prep everything for once you get out. You don’t want to have a superb bath just to have to do a nudie run down your cold passage to grab your towel. Make sure you have your fresh towel, slippers, and robe ready before you get in.


Draw the bath

This is where the true bliss begins. Run a nice, warm bath and simply add a small scoop of bath dust to watch the magic happen. If you want more, just keep adding it till you have the perfect amount of bubbles.


Get Amongst It

And that’s it! Get in the bath and soak in there till the cows come home. Enjoy your little home spa and unwind, letting all the goodies from the bath dust work their magic on you.

Feeling inspired?

Now that you are hopefully feeling a lot more knowledgeable about what bath dust is, find yourself the perfect flavour right here.


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