What is Bath Dust?

Are you after a little bit of adventure when it comes to bath time? Are you finding regular beauty products just aren’t cutting it anymore? Do you want an indulgent, multi-tasking product that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth?


If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then you, our friends have come to the right blog post.

We’re here to tell you about an exciting new product that’s transforming bath times around the nation – scratch that, around the world.


That product is bath dust and we have to warn you, this colourful, fizzy delight is for lovers of all things luxurious and bold.


But enough of the teasing, what exactly is bath dust you ask?

Finer things: bath dust explained

If you imagine a bath bomb’s love child with bubble bath then the result would be bath dust.


It’s a saucy mix indeed.


This fine, fizzing powder turns your bathtub into a foamy kaleidoscope of colour and is packed full of nourishing oils to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.


You know how much we love a multi-tasking product here at Raw Beauty Box so we’re obsessed with bath dust. But if you haven’t heard much about this miracle powder, don’t fear, you’re definitely not alone.

The reason is bath dust in Australia is relatively hard to come by. And that comes down to the fact it’s a VERY new product.


In essence, bath dust is essentially a deconstructed bath bomb, which — fun fact — were invented in 1989 by Lush Cosmetics co-founder Mo Constantine.

How is Bath Dust made?

Bath dust recipes are actually very simple and very similar to bath bombs, which we’ve talked about at length here.


To recap, bath bombs have three main ingredients in them. These include; 


  • Baking soda,
  • Citric acid,
  • And cornstarch.

The baking soda and the citric acid dissolves quickly in water which is what creates the fizzing, bubbling effect we are familiar with. Cornstarch is what binds everything together and ensures the globe doesn’t immediately break apart in the water.


These three ingredients are present in bath dust.

Now, on their own, the three ingredients we chatted about above can be abrasive and irritating to skin, so nourishing oils have been added to both bath bombs and bath dust to aid skin health and to leave you feeling soft and supple.

At Raw Beauty Box, we use oils such as Coconut Oil, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter – but the mix varies with different companies. 


Other fun additions companies have added include things like, colouring, glitter, star cutouts, unicorns –  you name it.


Now, when it comes to picking any product really our number one tip is to pay attention to what is used in them, and this is definitely true of bath bombs and bath dust.


In the end, what goes down your drain eventually finds its way into the ocean.


For this reason, we urge shoppers to look for products that use natural ingredients over chemicals, and to steer clear of glitter entirely, or ensure the glitter being used is environmentally-friendly.


Basically, stick to companies that use natural and organic ingredients, as they’re going to be more mindful about what they’re putting into your tub and the environment.

How do I use Bath Dust?

With that said and done, the true beauty of bath dust is it’s an absolute ease to use.


All you have to do is grab a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the product and add it to the warm water.


From there you just sit back and relax as the mix foams and bubbles, turning your bathwater into a colourful galaxy, full of nourishing, skin-loving oils. As the mixture dissolves, delicious smells and aromas are released – so take a moment to appreciate it. Who doesn’t love a product that engages all senses?!


And here we come to the really fun part – when it comes to bath dust there are a wide variety of fragrances to choose from.

At Raw Beauty Box, we’ve let our creative juices flow to create a scent for everyone. Our bath dust flavours include:


All of our bath dust retails from between $14 – 22 depending on the size pack you want.

The difference between Bath Bombs and Dust

If all of this has left you asking – what’s the difference between a bath bomb and bath dust, let us tell you bath dust boast one major benefit.


And that is, the fizz is pretty much unlimited…unless your pack runs out of course.


With a bath bomb, you have just one spherical globe and the fizzing, foaming, colourful mix lasts as long as it takes the bomb to dissolve. It’s a finite resource if you will.

With bath dust you can keep that fizzing effect going. All you need to do is introduce more of the powder into your bath.


As we mentioned, bath dust equals indulgence and we firmly believe you’re never too old for bubbles. We typically recommend people use between a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the mix, which gives ample opportunity for fizz.


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