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Indulge in pure serenity with our Pink Grapefruit Salt Sugar Scrub. Inhale tranquillity and bid farewell to negativity as you pamper yourself with this artisanal delight. Immerse in the rejuvenating blend of Himalayan rock salt and zesty pink grapefruit for a refreshing exfoliation that invigorates body and spirit.

This scrub is enriched with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, ensuring your skin receives the nourishment, hydration, and smoothness it deserves.

Ready to embark on this revitalising journey? Grab your Pink Grapefruit Salt Sugar Scrub now and let your body and spirit soar!


Minimum 125g body scrub
Recycled plastic jar
Aluminium lid


  • Moisten your skin thoroughly in the shower or bath
  • Take a heaped teaspoon amount, lather, then spread over your whole body rubbing in a circular motion
  • Leave on your skin for 1-5 minutes, and let the natural ingredients and oils do their thing
  • Rinse thoroughly to reveal smooth, moisturised, glowing skin

Incorporate into your routine 2-3 times a week, and your skin will love you for it

Sodium Chloride, Sucrose, Coco Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, D-alpha Tocopherol Natural Vitamin E, Glycerine, Arrowroot, Lathanol, Nipagard SCV, Fragrance Oil and or Essential Oils

Our products are proudly made in Australia and are free of palm oil, artificial colours, and harsh chemicals, as well as paraben-free, vegan-friendly, and kid-friendly.

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