Are soy Candles eco-friendly?

Are soy candles eco-friendly?

Imagine a world where you can treat yourself AND help the environment. A space where you can relax and wind down, either in your tub or a special place in your home, and know that you doing so won’t harm this unique blue planet we call home.

Sounds like a dream, right?

We’re here to tell you there’s a way you can do all this… all you need to do is grab your lighter and a soy candle.
Are soy candles better for the environment is a question we get asked a lot here at Raw Beauty Box, and we’re delighted to report the short answer is, Yes!

But hold onto that aforementioned lighter and take a breath because we’re going to dive a little deeper and tell you why.

What are soy candles?

Before we begin to understand why soy candles are the best, let’s go back to basics and find out what they are made of.


Soy candles are made from soybeans – the very same legume that goes into soy milk. As a natural resource, the species is relatively easy to grow and has been harvested for more than 5000 years. (Fun fact: The species originates from Southeast Asia. Westerners only became aware of the nutritional benefits in the last 250 years).


The plant is heated at a relatively low temperature of 140 to 220 degrees C to extract wax from soybeans.


From there, candles are made – and we can have some fun!

Why are soy candles better for the environment?

Soy candles are better for the environment for three main reasons;


  • Cleaner to burn
  • Longer-lasting
  • Non-toxic

The clean bean

If you were to associate one word with soy candles, it needs to be the word clean.

When candles burn, they release soot into the environment, much like a car exhaust does, but at a much lower level.

Soy candles have been shown to release 10 times as less soot into the air as paraffin wax candles, which are the most commonly sold candle.

They last-longer

Soy wax also has a lower melting point than paraffin wax candles. They have been found to burn 35 per cent to over 50 per cent longer than their common counterparts.

This has two benefits – one; it saves you money because you don’t have to replace them as often.


But more importantly, it’s good for the planet as you’re making less waste by throwing it out and replacing it less often, and you’re also generating less heat.

No nasties

The benefit of using a plant-based product is little to no nasty chemicals are added to it in the candle-making process.

This means when it burns, nothing harmful is released into the air. We’re talking zero petrochemicals or carcinogens to hurt our bodies or our planet.

This takes us back to our favourite word – clean, clean, clean.

This sets it apart from paraffin, a petroleum byproduct, hence all those horrid disadvantages we mentioned.

Other types of candles

So, we’ve already talked a bit about paraffin wax candles and why they are no Bueno, but there are different types of candle wax that come from natural sources such as:


  • Beeswax
  • Coconut

We’re going to let you into a candle making secret.


There’s actually a considerable debate on what’s better when it comes to beeswax and soy, as beeswax also makes for a clean, long-burning candle.


In fact, beeswax is even said to boast medicinal properties and can reduce allergies, asthma and hayfever.

While both beeswax and soy sit comfortably on the environmentally-friendly spectrum, the biggest difference between the pair is the price.


Beeswax comes from bees and the honey production process, meaning they’re more expensive to make. And this cost is passed onto customers.


Soy is a cost-friendly, environmentally sound option, which is why we love it here at Raw Beauty Box.


The other wax-type you may have come across is coconut. Coconut is also long-burning, but it’s a very soft wax in comparison with soy and beeswax. We’ve found it has to be mixed with another wax to form it into a workable candle. This wastes resources.

How to begin to choose a candle

Now we’ve tackled all that – it’s time for the tricky part; how do you begin to choose one!

Soy candles come in a myriad of shapes and forms. From scented to unscented, single-wick to double to even triple wicked, in bell jars or circular – Just knowing where to start can be a perplexing task indeed.

The simplest way to choose one is to ask yourself ‘what do you like’ and ‘what experience are you after’.
If you’re just after some ambience, you could choose a non-scented over a scented candle, but if relaxing is the name of your game, that’s where the beautiful world of fragrance comes in.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 different candle scents are available to just US consumers.

When it comes to perfuming a scented candle, creators are only limited by imagination. There are so many options to choose from, which makes picking not only fun but also rewarding.

Some of our favourite scents include:

Clean cotton

Australian bush

champagne & strawberries

Clean cotton

A crisp, cool and completely refreshed scent that leaves a home feeling clean and pure.

Australian Bush

Bursting with notes of lush foliage and rich flora.

champagne & Strawberries

A fun and festive aroma for those feeling a little fancy.

Clean cotton

A crisp, cool and completely refreshed scent that leaves a home feeling clean and pure.

Australian bush

Bursting with notes of lush foliage and rich flora.

champagne & strawberries

A fun and festive aroma for those feeling a little fancy.

When choosing a fragrance, our tip is to approach it as you would a perfume.


Ask yourself, ‘what feel and vibe do you want for your home’?


If you favour light woody notes, a fragrance like Apple and Honey Crisp will work, or if you’re drawn to the ocean and have coastal décor, you could consider a scent like Coconut and Lime.


Remember, there is no wrong choice when it comes to picking! It all comes down to taste.


With that said and done, it’s time to relax and rest easy knowing that the answer to the question are soy candles eco-friendly is a resounding yes.


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