Boost morale with surprise winter gifts

Winter is here. The chill and rains are biting and driving.


Now, for some, the cooler months are a time of transformation. As the peaks are dusted with snow and frost, there’s never a better time to look inwards. And for others, it’s a grit-the-teeth season; one that prompts an impatient countdown to summer.


Whichever side your significant other leans towards, winter is the perfect time for surprise gifting.


Why go for winter gifts you ask?


Because this is the season in which you are at home the most – unless you have a European getaway planned, in which case, good for you.


The point is, the days are shorter and colder and because of this, we believe your home should become a haven.


So, in this blog post we thought we would run through some of our favourite winter gift ideas: winter gifts for gardeners, gifts for someone who is always cold, and even winter gifts for toddlers.


The secret to buying winter gifts

First thing first: we will share our biggest tip when it comes to buying that surprise winter gift.


Nowadays, so much focus is put on buying the perfect winter gifts for boyfriend, or cosy gifts for her, that it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and you may get choice paralysis.


With the winter gift, you can relax!


This is not a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or anniversary gift. The surprise winter gift should have one purpose in mind and that is nesting. You want to make your home your castle – for both you and your loved ones. You don’t need to spend a fortune, it’s the thought that counts.


So, instead, focus on what your home needs, or lacks. The following questions help serve as a guide.


  • Come winter, do you live in an icebox?
  • Is the garden in need of TLC?
  • Want to create a luxury-spa experience for less?
  • Need kitchen gadgets to live out your MasterChef dream?

You get the gist.


We promise you at least one of these criteria will fit, and that will allow you to hone in on the gift category you should be shopping for.

On that note, let’s head to the next section.

Winter gifts for anyone struggling with the cold

Know someone that shivers through the frosty season? Then it’s time to invest in gifts for someone who is always cold.


But first, do you want a fun fact?


The coldest temperature ever recorded during a UK winter was -27.2°C. It has been recorded three times: in 1895, 1982, and 1995. All sites were in the Scottish Highlands.


So next time you feel cold, spare a thought for Scotland – or get shopping.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.


For her:

For him:

Winter gifts for the avid gardener

If there’s a green thumb in your life then read on, below are some gift ideas for those who love the outdoors.


Winter is actually a great time for gardening prep in Australia as conditions are relatively mild and it gives way to spring. Weeding, pruning, and general clean-up duties are all important during the cooler months, so if you’re getting gardening tools make them durable.


For her:

For him:

Winter gifts for the at-home-spa-experience

Now to what is probably our favourite gift section, the at-home-spa-experience, which is all about pampering (yay).


Have you noticed that your skin and hair freak out in winter? The change of seasons is harsh on our skin and hair because we embrace longer, hotter showers – and it can seem at times impossible to avoid dryness.


That makes me-time more crucial.


When the cooler months hit, you will want to swap out your normal skin and hair care items for products designed to moisturise, repair, and nourish.


In fact, the author behind this blog post recently asked their hairdresser how often hair products should be swapped. They were advised between four to six months, depending on hair type.


To help, we’ve picked out some of our favourite products to keep humans happy, comfortable, soft, and smooth.


For her:

For him:

Have trouble picking an option? We get it, happens to us all the time.


If you find yourself in this position, then take a look at our pamper packs. These nifty gift boxes contain several products. In our opinion, it’s the best way of trying a selection of products so you, or your significant other, can discover a favourite.


You can learn all about them in this blog post; Ultimate guide to pamper packs.

Winter gifts for the little ones in your life

Finally, one can’t forget our favourite little citizens.


Babies and toddlers can’t tell us when they are feeling hot or cold. So, it’s best to invest in quality merino wool clothing, which has temperature-regulating properties.


We’ve chosen some of our favourite items below.


For her:

For him:

For them:

And there you have it, our guide to surprise winter gifting.


We do hope you have found this useful. If you want more winter survival tips, please check out our recent blog post, benefits of aromatherapy candles for stress relief.


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