How to Choose The Perfect Scented Candle For Your Home

Ahhh, scented candles. We know we should try and be unbiased when it comes to the products we offer, but scented candles will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Want to know why?


Out of all the senses, the smell is one of the most fascinating.


Relatively recently, scientists found out a human nose can remember one trillion different scents. Previously that number was thought to be closer to a measly 10,000.


The human nose is much more powerful than we’ve thought for centuries, and we find that beyond awesome.


Smell also closely relates to memory and emotion, which makes fragrances a profoundly personal thing.

Have you ever caught a whiff of something floating in the breeze and immediately had a memory jogged?


For us at RBB, the smell of frangipanis instantly takes us back to Christmas and winding walks down to the beach.


You may or may not be interested to know there’s a name for that. It’s called “the Proust effect”, and it happens because the olfactory processing system that distinguishes smell is located close to the memory hub in the brain.


So, next time you want to justify buying a candle, just think it could trigger a long-lost memory!

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What are some of the benefits of scented candles

As well as stimulating memory, scented candles also create ambience in the home.


Lighting up a candle after a long day at work transforms a room and creates a safe space where you can take a moment.


A lot of people overlook the importance of this, but in the crazy times we’re living in, relaxing has never been more important.


Now on that topic, some scents can also help calm the mind and promote a restful sleep.


This is really important because Australians are in the grips of a silent sleep crisis. One in three have reported they do not get enough sleep, and eight in ten say they wake up at least once a night.

For reference, healthy adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.


If you’re in need of decent shuteye, the below are fragrances to keep an eye – or should that be nose – out for:

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Rose
  • Geranium
  • Jasmine
  • Chamomile
  • Sandalwood
  • Bergamont, which is a type of orange.

How do I pick the perfect scented candle?

Now we know why fragrances and scented candles are important, how do you possibly begin to choose one?


The candle market in Australia is worth an estimated $200 million – and there are hundreds and thousands of options on the market.


The first thing you need to realise is there are no “best scented candles” when it comes to fragrance.

As we’ve already mentioned, perfume is deeply personal as it triggers memory and emotion.


What you love is what you love. No one will ever dictate otherwise. Trends will come and go, but please stick to what YOU like. Unless you’re buying a gift, this is about treating yourself.


With that said, if you’re having trouble picking a scent, there are two steps you can follow to help narrow down the choices.

Step one: What do you like?

First up, ask yourself what do you normally buy when it comes to perfume?


This goes beyond the brand and fragrance name. Here, we’re talking about the fragrance category. Is the perfume floral, woody, green or bursting with citrus notes?

To narrow down the available scented candle options, it helps to first determine what fragrance types you tend to gravitate towards.


For this reason, we’ve tried to make things easier for our customers and have classified our candles according to three scent groups:







When you select one of those groups, you can see all the products that fall into that category. For example, fresh fragrances can include options from “Australian Bush” to “Honeysuckle and Jasmine” – two very distinct fragrances for the home.

Step two: Where do you want to use it?

Once you’ve done this, you need to consider the space you want to burn the candle.


If you want to use your candle in a smaller room such as the bathroom, don’t go for a big, bold fragrance as this could overwhelm your senses. The last thing you want is to wind up with a headache after all; here, soft and delicate is best.


On the flip side, a delicate smell can sometimes get lost in larger rooms like the living room. Think bold and big to help fill the space.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this final fact.


Scented candles can actually interfere with taste, as your nasal passages lead to your tastebuds. With that in mind, if you want a candle in the kitchen or dining room, we recommend fresh, clean scents, over heady floral and woody options.

Which are the best-scented candles?

While there are no “best scented candles” in terms of fragrance, there’s a best-scented candle when it comes to form.


We’re talking about soy aromatherapy candles.


If you’re wondering how these candles differ from other scented candles, it comes down to how they’re made – and why.


Aromatherapy candles are made from wax, which is infused with essential oils derived from healing plants and herbs.


The plants chosen are specifically designed to trigger a response in the body or brain, whether this is relaxation, promote better sleep, productivity or memory.


In short, we like to think of soy aromatherapy candles as supercharged candles.

We’ve already mentioned some of the scents that promote sleep but below are some other common aromatherapy fragrances and their intended purposes:


  • Peppermint – to wake up.
  • Rosemary – to promote memory
  • Lemon – to improve mood.
  • Cinnamon – to boost focus.
  • Orange – to decrease anxiety.
  • Eucalyptus – to combat congestion.

But that’s not the best thing about soy aromatherapy candles!


These little goodies are eco-friendly as they’re made from soy wax, which is clean-burning and long-lasting.


We talk about why soy-candles are eco-friendly in-depth here – please check it out by following the link:


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