The Orangutan Project

Saving the Guardians of the Rainforest: The Orangutan Project

In the lush rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, a remarkable organisation based in Western Australia is working tirelessly to protect one of our planet’s most endangered and iconic species—the orangutan. The Orangutan Project, with its dedicated team and passionate volunteers, is leading the charge in conservation efforts to save these gentle giants from the brink of extinction. In this blog post, we’ll explore the incredible work that The Orangutan Project does to safeguard the future of orangutans and their rainforest homes.


The Orangutan Crisis

Orangutans, known as the “gardeners of the forest,” play a vital role in their ecosystems by dispersing seeds and maintaining biodiversity in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. However, these incredible creatures face a dire threat due to habitat destruction, illegal poaching, and the palm oil industry’s relentless expansion. According to estimates, their populations have declined by over 50% in the past 60 years, landing them on the critically endangered list.

Orangutan Eboni health

The Orangutan Project's Mission

Founded in 1998 by Leif Cocks, The Orangutan Project is a non-profit organisation that has committed itself to the rescue, rehabilitate, and conserve orangutans. Their mission extends to protecting the rainforests that these primates call home.


Rescue and Rehabilitation:The Orangutan Project runs rescue and rehabilitation centres in Indonesia and Malaysia, providing shelter and care to orphaned and injured orangutans. These centres serve as critical safe havens for orangutans in need.


Anti-Poaching Efforts:The organisation works to combat the illegal wildlife trade by supporting anti-poaching units and collaborating with local authorities. They aim to disrupt the supply chain that fuels the black market demand for orangutans.


Habitat Protection: Recognising that habitat loss is the primary threat to orangutans, The Orangutan Project actively seeks to preserve and restore their rainforest homes. They purchase land to establish protected areas and engage with local communities to promote sustainable land use practices.


Education and Advocacy: The organisation believes in the power of education to effect lasting change. They conduct awareness campaigns, engage in community outreach, and advocate for orangutan conservation at local and international levels.

Sudin Siti Rehabilitation Process

The Heart of Conservation: Volunteers and Donors

The Orangutan Project’s work is only possible with its volunteers’ dedication and donors’ support worldwide. Volunteers often travel to Southeast Asia to assist with rescue and rehabilitation efforts, contributing their time, skills, and passion to the cause. Donations fund critical projects and initiatives, ensuring that The Orangutan Project can continue its vital work.


Success Stories


Through its unwavering commitment, The Orangutan Project has achieved remarkable successes in orangutan conservation. Orangutans rescued and rehabilitated at their centres have been successfully released back into the wild, giving these primates a second chance at life.


Additionally, the organisation’s efforts have led to the protection of significant areas of rainforest habitat, safeguarding not only orangutans but countless other species that call these forests home.

How You Can Help

Suppose you’re inspired by The Orangutan Project’s mission and want to contribute to the conservation of orangutans and their rainforest habitat. In that case, there are several ways to get involved:



Consider donating to The Orangutan Project to support their ongoing efforts.


If you have the opportunity and skills, consider volunteering your time to work directly with orangutans or support their programs.

Raise Awareness: 

Share information about orangutan conservation with your friends and family to raise awareness about this crucial issue.



The Orangutan Project, based in Western Australia, is a shining example of dedicated individuals coming together to protect one of Earth’s most precious and endangered species. Their holistic approach to orangutan conservation, including rescue and rehabilitation, anti-poaching efforts, habitat protection, and education, is a beacon of hope for the future of these incredible creatures and the vital ecosystems they inhabit. By supporting organisations like The Orangutan Project, we can all play a role in ensuring a brighter future for orangutans and the rainforests they call home.


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