How to pick the perfect Mother's Day gift that's definitely not flowers or chocolates

With the clock ticking down to Mother’s Day, it’s probably time to turn the mind towards what to get that special lady in your life.


But let’s have an honest moment.


After everything we’ve been through over the last few years/everything going on in the world at the moment, are you a bit caught out by how fast the year is flying by?


We sure are.


The good news is if you, like us, have been searching for non-generic Mother’s Day gift ideas – Australia is one of the best places to look. Australia has innovative brands, pamper packs, scintillating experiences, and good food around every corner.


So, let’s dive in and find out how to pick the best gift for mum.

How to come up with a list of thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas - Australia

There’s always some pressure to find a thoughtful present for a loved one, but we find this is especially true of May 8.


Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that somehow always manages to sneak up; maybe this is because it falls relatively close to Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day – who knows?


What we do know is when it does roll around it’s hard not to go down the clichéd route of flowers and chocolates.


Not to knock flowers and chocolates – they’ve gotten us through a lot. But for mum? Sorry, they are an obvious, and boring choice for the woman who birthed us.


Did you know, that the Society of American Florists says a quarter of flower and plant purchases made for holidays occur on Mother’s Day? Other popular options include: jewellery, edible gifts, and homewares.


And we’re by no means immune, they’ve been the fallback of this author more than once…


The thing here is popular doesn’t always mean thoughtful.

All too often people get so caught up in the process of gift buying that they lose sight of the actual gift-giving and what it means for the person to receive it.


That’s why we’ve come up with our own little checklist of questions to help brainstorm a truly thoughtful present and put the spotlight back on mum.


So, ask yourselves:


  • Are there products you know your mum loves?
  • Is she running low, or does she rarely treat herself with them?
  • Is your mum in need of a self-care day or alone time?
  • Or, has she asked for more ‘you and her’ time?
  • Has she recently mentioned a restaurant she’d be keen to try?

We’ve drawn on the above in the past and it’s really helped narrow down a list of gift ideas; and honestly, sometimes a trip to a new restaurant and bar is exactly the treat-her moment mum needs.


With that aside, there’s a way to give a gift that ticks multiple points off the checklist.


We’re talking about Mother’s Day pamper packs.

Pamper packs - gift ideas that count

What are pamper packs you ask?


We’re glad you have asked because these little boxes of goodness are all about self-care; yet they are often overlooked as gift options.


A pamper pack is a hamper designed to, you guessed it, pamper. These hampers can contain a variety of items; from wine and chocolate; to beauty products and candles; to crackers and cheese – or all of the above.


But the goal is always the same and that is to create maximum relaxation for minimum effort.

If you’ve ever experienced the luxury of a spa day you may have seen your beautician walk in with her little box of magic. You may have even been tempted to buy the products after a treatment – after all, they were designed to fit your skin – only to be shocked at the price upon checkout. 


Pamper packs are a way to create a spa experience at home that is both affordable and easy.


At Raw Beauty Box we have a number of pamper pack options on offer. Check them out here.

How to pick the perfect pamper pack

If you do go down the route of buying a pamper pack for Mother’s Day there are some things to watch out for.


Pay attention to both the brand and products you are buying, because you want to ensure they are friendly to the planet AND the body. 


The packaging should be sustainable in that it’s either biodegradable or compostable. 


Estimates show globally as much as eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. So any brand that is truly environmentally friendly should avoid plastic, or at the very least, work to minimise such waste.


When it comes to beauty products there are certain “no-no” ingredients to avoid for both health reasons and the environment.


The red flag chemicals of the natural beauty industry include:

  • Parabens,
  • Synthetic perfumes, or the word ‘fragrance’,
  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate),
  • Formaldehyde,
  • Talc,
  • Phthalates,
  • Propylene glycol,
  • Triclosan,
  • Anything beginning with ‘petro’.

Now, a lot of companies may claim to be natural and make ingredient claims like “paraben-free”,  “SLS-free” or “mineral oil-free”. These are just buzzy words.


To truly tell if the company walks the walk, you must look over the ingredient list because, at the end of the day, as much as 60 per cent of what goes onto your skin goes into your body.


We hope you’ve found this useful. If you have, please check out our article on how to choose the perfect scented candle for your home. It might help you pick the perfect scent for mum!


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