How to use beard oil properly

Ok, so you’ve stumbled across beard oil and are  wondering ‘now what?’


Beard oil is an underrated product that many people don’t know the full value of.  Once they discover how good it is, people are then often left asking questions about how to use beard oil properly.


The good news is: it’s pretty straightforward. However, there are a couple of tips and tricks to get the best from your beard oil and keep your face mullet looking snazzy.


The bad news, while this little bottle of goodness is super easy to use and can do a lot, it can’t make your beard grow faster, and it can’t give you three more wishes.


It can however, encourage people to fall in love with you, and up your game 100% of the time 60% of the time.

So read on and never have another question about the miracle elixir that is beard oil.




What you will need to get the best beard ever!

Beard oil is thankfully quite easy to apply. You can use a comb if you have a large beard, and if your beard is short, you can skip the comb and just use your hands. 


All of our beard oils come with an oil dropper attached to the lid so that you can get the perfect amount every time. So that leads us to the next point: How much beard oil to use?


How much beard oil to use


To be honest, this really depends on the size of the beard. This is one classic time where size does matter. If you are sporting some fresh stubble then you’ll only need a drop. However, if you are donning a beard of dragon slayer status, you will definitely need more to keep the face mane tame.


It is best practice to only use a couple of drops to start with and then add more as you need it; it is much easier to add more oil than try to get it off if you’ve gone overboard.


How often to use beard oil

Beard oil works best after continued use. It not only works as a product to tame the wild and woolly instantly, but after continued use, your beard may become softer and smoother. The oil can also moisturise the skin underneath the beard.


With that in mind, you most likely don’t have to use beard oil every day and can start by just using it every other day.


If you notice that your beard is feeling and looking a bit greasy, then just cut back on how often you apply it.


It is best to apply beard oil after washing your face or having a hot shower, this way your hair and face are clean. Before you go and start applying the oil, make sure to pat dry your beard and face with a towel so that they’re not too wet but just a little damp.


How to use beard oil – step by step


Alright, so you have made it to the actual brass tacks of applying oil to your face. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply it:


  1. Apply a couple of drops of beard oil into the palm of your hands. You may need more later, but it’s better to not have enough than too much.
  2. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil.
  3. Starting at your sideburns, rub your hands across the hair on both your cheeks.
  4. Work your way down your jawbone to the centre of your face and chin.
  5. Using your fingertips, rub some oil into your stache.
  6. Using your comb, brush through your beard, both with and against the hair, to get the oil evenly over all of your crumb catchers.
  7. Apply more oil if you feel like you haven’t got enough and repeat steps 1–6 focusing on any dry areas.
  8. Brush your mug rug back into position and style however you like.


What not to do when applying beard oil


The amount of oil and the frequency you use it is up to you, but there are a couple of things you’ll want to avoid:


  • Putting on too much oil so your beard feels greasy
  • Pouring the oil directly onto the beard
  • Leaving sections with uncombed oil
  • Applying oil to a beard that is still wet
  • Continuing use if it is causing discomfort or irritation


This last one shouldn’t be a problem, as all of Raw Beauty Box Beard Oils are free from palm oil, artificial colours, harsh chemicals, as well as paraben-free and vegan-friendly. So, you’re more likely to get irritation from all the compliments on your stunning face foliage than from using our products.

What does beard oil do?

We have a full post about What Does Beard Oil Do? that you can look over for all the benefits and ingredients of our beard oils. But here’s a quick summary of all the good things that our beard oils could do for you.

  • Moisturise your skin. Underneath all that rough stubble we know you’re just a baby face, and our beard oils can help keep the skin under your face fleece feeling like a baby’s bottom.

  • Reduce irritation. With all this moisturising going on, you are less likely to get beard dandruff and ingrown hairs.

  • Softens your beard. This one may be obvious, but we thought it was worth mentioning. The oil coats, hydrates, and supplies nutrients to the hair.

  • Stylish stash. Ok, this has to be the most obvious one. It is a great product to subtly control your stubble and massively manage your fur muzzle.

  • Make your beard smell good. Whether you are after the Essential Oil Blend or Vintage Leather and Sandalwood our beard oils are sure to give your flavour saver the nostril teaser you are after without any hidden nasties. (Not talking about boogers, we can’t help with that).


To beard or not to beard


Now if you’ve found all this lip sweater chatter too tiresome and you’re looking to ditch the stash then maybe have a quick read over Should Men Use Shaving Cream or simply shop for some shaving cream.


But if you are now inspired to keep growing that beard to compete in the next wizarding championships then look no further than our Beard Oils.



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