Let’s get soapy… the truth about whipped soap

Look, we know some beauty trends come and go.


But sometimes, just sometimes, a miracle product comes along to transform the way we look at the skin and, in doing so, secures its place in an ever-changing industry.


Over the last few years we bore witness to the rise of the face mask – this year, it’s time for whipped soap to shine.


Wait, what is whipped soap? We hear you ask.


Boy, do we have a treat for you. This little product will utterly transform your scrub-a-dub time.


Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our favourite new player in the beauty game. 

What is whipped soap?

Whipped soaps are an indulgent treat for bath time; the perfect product if you’re looking to recreate a spa experience at home. 


These soaps are butter-soft, almost cream-like, and have a rich texture which allows them to work up a thick, foaming lather.


At the same time, they are gentle and nourishing for the skin and you’ll find you only need to use a little bit each time you wash.


But more on that later.


In short – we like to think of whipped soap as soap and body wash’s opulent little love child because it combines the best of both worlds.

Difference between whipped and standard soap1 (4)

How does whipped soap differ from normal soap?

Soap is not a new invention – it’s true.


In fact, the first recorded use of soap-like substances dates back to around 2800 B.C with the Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, ancient Greeks, and Romans all working themselves up into a lather.


Soaps typically are made from a mixture of oils and fats and today they come in a variety of forms –  foams, creams, and gels – you name it, someone has thought of it.


With so many options already available, you may be thinking why reinvent the wheel?


To that we say, ‘there’s no innovation without creation’.


Whipped soap elevates a product we all use to new heights.


What are the benefits of using whipped soap?


Whipped soap is more than just a luxurious bathroom addition – it has oodles of uses – and most importantly, it’s good for your body, skin, AND the environment.


How, you ask?


Well, most supermarket soaps contain a stack of acidic chemicals, which are designed to strip the skin of EVERYTHING.


This includes: 


  • Lipids – which help keep skin soft and
  • Bacteria – both the good and the bad kind.

We actually need good bacteria on our skin as it protects us against infection and supports our immune function – just like a healthy gut does.


The risk of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and wrinkles increase should your skin microbiome get out of whack.


But fear not – this is where whipped soap earns its gold star.


Whipped soap is choc-full of nourishing oils, like coconut and jojoba oil, which moisturises while also providing a gentle clean.


It’s more akin to a foaming body butter rather than a traditional soap.


In our formula, we steer clear of any of the nasty harsh chemicals found in soap. All of our products are proudly free of palm oil – a big environmental nasty – and artificial colours and are also paraben-free.


As whipped soap can work up a thick, luxurious lather it can also be used as a: 


  • Facewash
  • Shaving cream
  • Nourishing hair conditioner

Who doesn’t love a product that can be used multiple ways?!


But our favourite benefit by far is how little you need for each wash.

How long does whipped soap last?

When using whipped soap, we advise customers to only take about a tablespoon of the product per wash – as a little goes a long way.


From there, the product should be spread directly onto the body by rubbing in a circular motion, until a rich lather forms. This should be left on the skin for one to five minutes so all those lovely natural ingredients can do their thing.


By using it this way one jar will generally last the average person about a month.


Not only is this great for your bank account, but it’s also good news for the environment as it cuts down on unnecessary waste.


Sadly, the beauty industry generates a lot of plastic waste with soaps and body washes being major contributors to this.


For this reason, we’ve chosen sustainable packaging for all of our whipped soaps. Each product comes in a neat little tin that can be recycled once washed out.


Types of whipped soap


Whipped soaps are still relatively uncommon finds on beauty sites, which is why we’re proud to offer not one, but three, types at Raw Beauty Box.


Whipped body soap


This is our creamiest little creation and perfect for those after a nourishing, moisturising clean.


We have six different flavours available:


A 124-gram tub will cost $21.

Whipped salt sugar soap scrub


Try saying that fast three times!


This is not a creamy soap, instead, it offers a light but thorough exfoliating clean. It’s perfect if you’re after a buff and polish and want to remove dead skin cells.


We pack our sugar and salt scrubs with nourishing oils to moisturise your skin without leaving it feeling greasy.


We have six flavours on offer:


Our personal favourite is the coffee scrub as it reminds us of our favourite café.


Prices for a tub range from $21 – 22.


Whipped exfoliating cleanser soap


Think of our whipped exfoliating cleanser soap as a hybrid of the two options above.


It’s creamy and decadent in texture, with lovely scrubby bits – made from pieces like sugar, salt, and walnut shells – to offer a light exfoliation.


We have six flavours that will leave your skin feeling brand new: 


Whip it real good

If you are ready to whip it real good head on over to our website and check out our delicious range of Whipped Body Soaps.


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