Whipped Soap Luxury

Experience the Luxurious World of Whipped Soap

Are you ready to heighten your shower routine to a new level of indulgence? 


Look no further than Raw Beauty Box, your destination for handcrafted, eco-friendly, and distinctly Australian whipped soap cleansers and beautiful salt and sugar scrubs. 


These delightful creations cleanse and reinvigorate your skin, transporting you to captivating fragrances that will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered.

You will think you just walked out of an expensive day spa.


Our Whipped soap, a velvety soft alternative to traditional soap bars and body washes, awaits your discovery.

When you introduce this luscious concoction into your shower regimen, you’ll be captivated by its opulent texture and enchanting scents such as mango, seductive bitter orange, or everyone’s favourite, iconic citrus rose. 

Raw Beauty Box offers a mesmerising assortment of Whipped Body Soap, each infused with a spellbinding aroma that transforms your ordinary shower into a spa-like retreat. 

Alternatively, a Whipped Exfoliating Cleanser

might be more to your liking, made with the same beautiful natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals or palm oil; these beautiful creations again will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 


Fragrances such as the tropical delights of coconut and lime or wild frangipani or the queen of them all, the salted caramel, a meal for your skin if there ever was one. 


If we still haven’t convinced you, then how about our Whipped Salt Sugar Scrub Soap, coming in the beautiful fragrances of Marshmallow, Cucumber and Watermelon or Melon spritzer just to tease you with a few of these beautiful scrubs. 

Curious about the magic behind whipped cream soap? Let us guide you through the enchanting world of this luxurious cleansing experience.


Whipped Soap Unveiled:

Imagine a soap that’s as soft and creamy as a dollop of whipped butter. Raw Beauty Box’s whipped soap is precisely that – a decadent treat for your skin. 


Not only does it cleanse with a rich, foamy lather, but it also offers unparalleled moisture, turning your shower into a rejuvenating escape. 


It can also transform your shaving routine with these whipped wonders – they provide the perfect cushion for a close, hydrated shave that leaves your skin feeling smooth.


While our whipped soaps perform the essential task of cleansing, they do so with an air of opulence and lavish hydration. In a market brimming with options, Raw Beauty Box’s whipped soaps stand out as the ultimate choice for those seeking luxury and self-care in their daily routine.


The Wholesome Ingredients:


Not all whipped soaps are created equal. 


At Raw Beauty Box, we take pride in curating products embodying nature’s essence. Our Whipped soap collection is a testament to our commitment to your skin’s well-being. 


Crafted carefully, each soap is rich with moisture-locking glycerine, free from sulphates, parabens, or palm oil, and is proudly vegan. Immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of essential oils or delicate fragrances, knowing that every application is a gesture of self-love and environmental consciousness.

Discover the Versatility

Unveil the versatile ways to enjoy our whipped soap creations:


    1. Hand Washing Delight: Treat your hands to a dose of replenishing moisture. Scoop a small amount of whipped soap, about the size of a 10-cent piece, into your palm. Watch it become a luxurious lather as you cleanse, then rinse for velvety-soft hands.

    2. Full-Body Indulgence: Upgrade your bathing routine by applying whipped soap to a loofah, cloth, exfoliating mitt, or directly onto your skin. Let the sumptuous lather envelop your body, cleansing and pampering every inch, revitalising you from head to toe.
  • Shaving Elegance: Bid farewell to mundane shaving experiences. Apply a generous layer of whipped soap onto the desired area and relish in the silky glide as your Safety Razors effortlessly over your skin. For optimal results, allow the soap to work its magic before shaving, then conclude your shower with an all-over body moisturiser for a truly indulgent finale.

Experience the whipped magic today visit Raw Beauty Box to explore our captivating collection of handmade, eco-friendly, and chemical-free whipped cream soaps.


Your self-care routine will never be the same, with products crafted with care and passion embodying the spirit of Australia’s natural beauty.


Let the scents transport you, the textures envelop you, and the experience rejuvenate you.


Unveil the secret to a lavish shower experience – indulge in Raw Beauty Box’s whipped soaps, where opulence meets eco-consciousness, and everyday cleansing transforms into a moment of pure delight.


Our exquisite whipped soap collection is a must for every bathroom. Treat yourself today, and let the enchantment begin.


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