Your guide to relaxing in (safe) style

Okay, so we all know that candles are a great way to add some ambience to a room when you’re relaxing after a hard, terrible, no-good day at work. That warm glow embraces you and fills your space with a delightful scent to carry you away as you tune out the world. 


That is if you don’t have pets or little ones to watch out for. The truth is candles are great, but hard work in a busy household.


Enter wax melts. The safer, stress-free option.


In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to use wax melts, as well as answer some commonly asked questions about the products.


What are wax melts?

You may have been left wondering what are wax melts. And that leads us to our first section. Here, we are going to cover what they are – and what they do – but here’s a tip: the secret is kinda in the name.


A wax melt is a scented and wickless piece of wax that’s designed to be melted slowly to release a scent. These little parcels of joy come in all colours, shapes, scents, and sizes. For instance, at Raw Beauty Box, we have everything from:


  • Coconut and Lime
  • Dragons Blood Incense and Patchouli
  • Lemongrass and Persian Lime
  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Strawberry Shortcake

(See all flavours here)


Really, a company is only limited by imagination.


One of the best things about these little beauties is they even give off a slight scent in the cold, or when left in the sun. This is a great alternative for those who get scent-sensitive easily.

So, how do I use wax melts?

We promise you: wax melts are soooo easy to use.


You’ll find most products you can buy are segmented, so you simply take a piece out of the packet and place it in your warmer or melter.


Now, we should mention here, there are two types of appliances you can use: a wax burner that uses a tea light or an electric warmer. The latter is obviously the safer of the two as there is no open flame.


From here, you sit back and smell the roses – or strawberry shortcake – whatever you fancy more. The choice is yours. When you’re done waxing and relaxing simply turn off the warmer. The wax will then solidify again, ready for later use. If the scent has been extracted, meaning you can no longer smell it, let it harden completely and throw it away.

Your questions answered

We understand that embracing a new product can be hard, so we thought we’d answer some frequently asked wax melt questions we’ve been sent over the ages… just in case there are a few doubts lingering in your mind.


Can you reheat wax melts?


The answer to this one is absolutely! Unlike candles, the wax doesn’t evaporate, instead, it solidifies as it cools down.


However, you may notice that over time you get less scent out of them. Don’t panic, that just means you need to swap your cube out for a fresh piece. More on this later.


How long do wax melts last?


The answer to this varies based on the product you’ve picked, the environment it’s being melted in, and what you’re using to melt it. But you should get several good hours out of each piece. At Raw Beauty Box, for example, our products have about 5–8 hours of burn time.


Can you put wax melts in an oil burner?


Unless the burner specifically states it can be used to warm wax, we recommend NOT using wax melts in an oil burner.


This is because traditional oil burners are smaller than wax warmers. And because the flame is closer to the dish it can cause the wax to overheat, meaning the burner itself can crack. We can tell you from past mishaps that it can be a fire hazard you DO NOT want when you’re trying to chill out.


If you are in need of a wax warmer, we recommend this cute forest electric warmer from Etsy. The best part? It can also be used for essential oils. Win-win.


Do wax melts lose their scent?


Yes, they do over time. If you’re struggling to smell anything, that just means it’s time to discard the used wax and get a new piece.


Are wax melts safe?


If you’re opting for electric appliances to warm the wax melt, then they are much safer than candles. This means wayward pets and children can’t knock open flames over.


They also don’t create any soot, meaning they’re a gentle alternative for those with respiratory issues, or prone to lung irritation.


It also means your furniture and walls won’t get stained, which sadly we have also learned the hard way.


Are wax melts good for the environment?


Yes, with a couple of caveats.


If you’re using an electric burner and have cut out the tea lights, you’ve eliminated the production of soot. Soot is bad for the environment and produces particles that can remain suspended in the air for hours. In fact, a study by The University of South Florida shows these ultrafine soot particles are similar to diesel exhaust. No thank YOU.

Wax melts are also good for the environment if you’ve chosen an environmentally friendly plant-based wax such as soy or coconut wax. Please avoid any melts made from paraffin wax as it’s a petroleum by-product.


If you found this article useful please check out our other blog post, “five benefits of essential oils for baths” – it’s full of useful tips. 


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