Is shaving cream for men necessary?

This post goes out to all the men out there – scratch that – all the men AND the women, looking to treat themselves or their fellas to some much-needed pampering.


In Australia, the male grooming market is blossoming. In fact, over the pandemic, the industry has grown more than five per cent. There’s no better time to treat yourself than when in lockdown, after all…


But when it comes to buying a product, many customers tell us it’s hard to see the wood from the trees with all the options available.


Do you look at shaving cream for men?

Moisturiser? What’s better, shaving cream or a gel? We haven’t even begun to touch on the sheer abundance of masks on the market!


All of these are pressing questions – ones we get asked a lot here at Raw Beauty Box, so we thought we’d start by tackling the tricky world that’s shaving. 

Should men use shaving cream?



Now let us tell you why.


Beard hairs are tough little buggers, yet the skin that holds those hairs is soft and subtle. What we have here, friends, is a mismatch of textures. This leads to friction. Now friction in some settings is great…but, when it comes to your face it’s a big NO from us.


When a razor gets dragged across those wiry filaments without protection it’s nigh impossible not to damage the skin. That’s when you start to see little nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs (ouch!).


Gels, foam, and creams are all designed to protect the skin. They lubricate the hair, making it easier for the razor to slice without the dice.


But let’s dive a little deeper and discuss the differences between the three options.


How does shaving cream for men differ from gel and foam?

Shaving cream performs four tasks when it comes to delivering a close shave:


  • Hydrates hair: Keeps moisture in the beard hair so less force is needed for the shave.
  • Lubricates hair: Creates a layer between the skin and blade so there’s less friction.
  • Provides tracking: So you can easily tell what you’ve shaved – and what’s left.
  • Soothes and refreshes: So you feel clean as a whistle after grooming.

Now, the main difference between a shaving cream and a shaving gel is the lather. A gel can get a great lather going. It also lubricates well and provides great razor glide – but all of this comes at a cost.


It’s heavier on the skin. This makes it harder to clean off, which can, in turn, lead to blocked pores– forming blackheads and ingrown hairs… These skin nasties kind of defeat the purpose of a grooming day in our humble opinion.


On the flip side, you have foams. Shaving foams provide an airy light lather, which is easy to rinse away BUT it provides a touch less moisture and lubrication. They’re great when you’re after a quick shave but we wouldn’t recommend using one long-term.


Every man is going to have his preference, but we’re of the opinion creams provide the best of both worlds; they can lubricate but they’re a lighter option when compared to gel.

How do I pick the perfect shaving cream?

So, we’ve covered why men should be using shaving products and how creams differ from gels and foams – now we’re going to get into how to pick the best shaving cream for men.


We know what you may be thinking – with so many options on the market how on earth do you begin figuring out what is the best shaving cream for men?


You can’t begin to pick a grooming product without first understanding what skin type you’re buying for.

There are four different types of skin:


  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Combination

We’ve already mentioned that those who tend to fall on the oily side of things – there’s no way to say that without it sounding weird – should avoid shaving gels.


Here a cream is absolutely recommended, as it is with dry skin, because creams provide a lighter alternative, while also delivering that all essential moisture and lubrication. For this reason, we recommend a cream for combination skin types too.


Normal skin types have the option of choice – which is great for them. It just comes down to personal preference.


When it comes to buying shaving creams, we’re going to let you in on a dirty industry fact. The cheaper canned options usually contain chemicals called hydrocarbon propellants, like butane or propane. This is what allows the product to foam.

However, the downside is it’s not so good for the environment. These gases also happen to be ozone- depleting. The hole above the Southern Hemisphere is growing at an alarming rate, it’s currently the same size as Antarctica. We really need to be more conscious of the protective UV barrier that encases our little blue planet.


So, look for packaging in tins over cans. You will need to get a brush to apply the product, but this just elevates the shaving experience.


Here’s a couple of examples we’re proud of at Raw Beauty Box:


Now that’s off our chest – the next step is to consider the scent the person you are buying for, or yourself, typically wears.


Does that special person usually prefer a fresh, clean scent? Woody scent? Soft florals? No scent…


If this question stumps you, here’s a tip; take a cheeky squiz inside the aforementioned person’s bathroom cabinet for inspiration.


Confession time. This is the trick the team at Raw Beauty Box falls on when stuck for ideas. It always works. It will also help you figure out whether you need to buy a shaving brush or a new sustainable razor as well.


If you take one thing away from this article, it’s not to underestimate the importance of a fragrance when gifting. A scent helps create a feeling of comfort, which is essential when embarking on a “treat yourself” day.


Once you’ve factored all this in you’re in a good position to start shopping.


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