The Best Gift Ideas for Him

Ok, confession time.

Hands up if you’ve ever struggled to buy a gift for the special man in your life.

If you, like us, found yourself waving your hands in the air like you definitely DO care, please know you’re not alone.

Finding the perfect gift, or gifts, for him – whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because – can be easier said than done.

Men typically don’t go over the top about their wish lists and are great at buying things the moment they need them.

Luckily, the team at Raw Beauty Box have come up with a fail-safe gift-buying formula to help you surprise your guy.

In this blog post we will cover the top romantic gifts for him, broken into categories for your ease… as well as reveal our coveted gifting secret.

For the lovers of romance

Nothing says romance more than a pamper pack.


Now, let us explain why.


The first reason is that they’re a delight to open; secondly, they are perfect for any occasion and finally, they literally keep on giving.


Plus pamper packs allow your significant other to try a range of products they may not ordinarily buy in the first place.


Below are 15 of our favourite examples of “gift hampers for him”:


  1. Indulgence Gift Box
  2. Men’s Robe and Wine Pamper Hamper
  3. Australian Craft Beer Pack
  4. Men’s Box
  5. Bitter Orange and Honey Perfume Pack
  6. Board Game Gift Box
  7. Elite Treat Snack Box
  8. Cocktails and Snack Pack
  9. The Man Cave Hamper
  10. I’m a Succer for You Plant Hamper
  11. Socks and Beer Pack
  12. Custom Whisky Sample Pack
  13. Movie Night Care Pack
  14. The Eco-Surfer Gift Set
  15. The Active Man’s Hamper


The examples above include everything from beverages to grooming products, plants, and camping supplies, which gives you an idea about just how varied pamper packs can be.


We recommend shopping around until you find the pamper pack that matches the special someone you are buying for.


We find it helps by brainstorming their hobbies first and Googling from there.


For the outdoorsy man

If your man loves the great outdoors, then investing in some camping gifts for him is definitely a safe bet.


We’ve scoured numerous adventure blogs and compiled a list of products campers definitely need but often forget.


From comfort items to nifty gadgets, these include:



One, or a couple, of the products above would make great options as gifts as there’s thought and intention behind them.


*Ok granted, this may not be the most romantic of gifts, BUT we promise when the bugs come biting it will be very much appreciated. 

For the man who likes (or needs) to pamper himself

It doesn’t matter what your gender is, or how you identify, taking care of your skin is important. But, judging from the questions we are sent daily, people sadly don’t know where to start when it comes to buying male grooming products.  


Dermatologist Jane Wu, an MD, summed it up perfectly when she said: “A lot of men have the common misconception that skin care needs to be really complicated. It doesn’t have to be.”


The good news is, guys really only need a few things to kick start a good skincare routine.


These include: 


  • A beard oil
  • Shaving cream
  • A safety razor, which is both environmentally friendly and minimises knicks and cuts.


Together these three products will moisturise and nourish skin while giving your man the opportunity to pamper himself during some quiet “me time”.  


If you’re asking yourself whether shaving cream is necessary, please check out our previous blog post; “should men use shaving cream?”

For those craving unique experiences

Increasingly people are choosing to gift ‘experiences’ rather than physical items.


In fact, the secret to happiness, according to Forbes at least, is spending money on experiences rather than things.


We’re a huge fan of the experience-giving idea as it creates long-lasting memories and minimises physical waste.


Experiences can include anything from whisky or gin blending classes, distillery tours and tastings, surfing lessons, cooking masterclasses, hot air balloon rides, a night or two in an Airbnb, an outdoor cinema, a murder mystery night, or escape room.**


You name it, we guarantee someone has thought of it.


If you’d like some more inspiration, check out this article from Esquire. It has dozens of great gift experience ideas to kick-start the brainstorming process.


** Please note: The links we’ve included above are for NSW-based experiences, but you can easily find similar options around your area via Google.

How to buy the perfect gift for him

Now, we have come to the moment where we reveal the gift-buying secret we so delicately teased at the start.


Are you ready?


We like to combine a small physical product with an experience both of you can enjoy together.


For instance, why not buy a new safety razor and pair it with a luscious beard oil and a date night – such as the bespoke gin blending experience we mentioned above.


This means you’re gifting the best of both worlds… the whole experience if you will: a physical gift and the opportunity to create memories together.


How romantic is that?!


We hope you have found this blog post useful.


If you’re interested in learning more about gifts for your man, please check out Raw Beauty Box’s range of beard oil and shaving cream.


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